Glossopdale School

Homework at Glossopdale 

The principles:

Developing effective home study habits is an essential skills for all of our students. Engaging in learning at home helps to consolidate knowledge acquired in school and develop independence.

Students in Years 7-13 receive one piece of homework per week for each of the subjects that they study. Year 11, 12 and 13 students should also expect to complete self-guided revision in addition to any specific homework tasks.

The most effective homework prepares students for future learning, building on what they already know, or aids revision of existing learning to expand, embed and link knowledge. All subjects will set one of the following tasks:

  • Revision of a knowledge organiser / key vocabulary /research followed by testing in class
  • Summarising notes from a lesson into a mindmap/flash cards, followed by testing
  • Completion of an online test on eg. Educake, Mathswatch, Seneca, Google Form, Century Tech
  • Exam question practice (Y10-13 only)

 Setting homework:

We use Google Classroom to set homework for all subjects, and for some subjects homework is submitted online too. Students have their own login details for Google Classroom; they can access homework and lesson resources for each of their subjects. In the event that a student misses a lesson, they should use Google Classroom to access the materials and complete the relevant activities that they have missed.

Staff will provide a deadline for the homework submission. If a student does not meet this guideline, they will be awarded a behaviour point and expect to complete the homework for the next lesson. We have a number of after-school homework clubs that students will be invited to in the event that they fail to meet a homework deadline.

All students have a study planner where they should record their homework and the submission date, even if the homework is set online. Please can parents review and sign the planner every week to monitor your child’s homework and indicate that it has been completed.

Expectations for students:

We expect the same high standards for homework as we do in lessons, of effort, presentation and application. Students will receive THRIVE points for excellent homework, and may receive a behaviour point and detention for a piece of homework that is not at the expected standard.

Subject-specific homework activities:


Y7 - Weekly spelling tests of Tier 2 vocabulary, set on Google Classroom and tested within lessons. Reading for AR lessons, a weekly page target is set.

 Y8 - Weekly spelling tests of Tier 2 vocabulary, set on Google Classroom and tested within lessons. Reading for the Y8 Reading Challenge, reviews of the books read are written up in library lessons - students should aim to read at least 10 books over the course of the year. 

 Y9 - Weekly spelling tests of high incidence academic words or Tier 2 vocabulary and knowledge retrieval exercises. 

 Y10 and 11: Knowledge Organiser quizzing and exam questions.


All years – Online tests

Year 10 and 11 – Exam papers and Pinpoint learning activities.


All years: Online tests (Educake/Seneca/Century), revision of knowledge organisers followed by retrieval tests, key concept tests

Years 9-11: GCSE exam questions